v1.2 Released

Posted on Tue 5 Apr 2022 to Announcements

v1.2 has now been released. The major feature for this release is variable masking, whereby you can now have variables masked in build logs. Another feature is configurable artifact limits on a per user basis.

Variable masking

Variable masking allows for the values of a variable to be masked when output in a build log. When a variable is masked during creation, the value itself is encrypted when stored, and only decrypted when either unmasked by the author of the variable, or used in a build. Should the value of the masked variable be output into a build log, then the true value will be replaced with the string xxxxxx.

Variables can be unmasked via the UI, by the author of the variable. So, if a variable has been masked within a namespace, only the author of that variable will be able to unmask it, and not the namespace owner. Variables cannot be unmasked via the API.

With variable masking, you can now submit build manifests that can make use of sensitive information, such as API tokens, should you want to run any tests against a third-party service.

Configurable artifact limits

Previously, there was a blanket 1GB limit across all user accounts that was applied during curation of build artifacts. This was fine, if the builds you ran produced artifacts within that limit, however, clearly doesn't suit the needs of everyone. Well, with v1.2 this limit has been removed, and can be configured on a per-user basis via the settings page of your account. The default limit starts of at 1GB, but can be increased.

The image server

Whilst not directly related to the v1.2 release, we have also launched the Djinn CI Image server, which offers a list of the base QEMU images we have for the hosted version of Djinn CI. The image server can be accessed at: https://images.djinn-ci.com, and from here you can download the base images that Djinn CI offers.